ConWX at a glance

ConWx is a privately owned knowledge-based company. Founded in 2008, located in Copenhagen, we supply a range of advanced weather and energy forecasting services to companies all over the world.

We are an independent service provider with a reputation for delivering highly reliable forecasts and outstanding service. We achieve accuracy and reliability by applying and monitoring our own in-house data models. We do not believe in standard solutions. We believe that only through close collaboration with our business partners can the best solution be found for their specific needs and requirements.

We are a leading supplier of data essential for decision-making in all the phases of any wind power and/or solar power project. We are the one-stop shop for wind and solar site assessments and for historical statistical data for the planning and design phase. Our weather services are used during project construction phases –offshore and onshore; and we provide forecasts, incl. routes and logistic tools for the planning, construction and O&M phase.


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Our Mission

Ensure our customers optimise performance and grow their businesses with the best, most accurate power and weather forecasting system anywhere.

Our Vision

To be the no. 1 provider of power forecasts and weather services to the wind and solar energy sector.

Our Values


Close cooperation

Long-term customer relationships



Greatest value for our customers

We will be proud to create the best solution for your energy and offshore-related needs