Hindcast Analysis Tool

On-site Hindcast Analysis Tool

On-site Hindcast Analysis Tool

High-quality and reliable MetOcean data is fundamental to the success of any renewable energy project. Whether you need to calculate the average wind turbine availability or assess and analyse wind energy potential, ConWX Hindcast Analysis tool is the ideal choice. 

With access to over 20-year time spans of MetOcean data, our cloud-based hindcasting system offers the most accurate, in-depth, and localised climatic basis for your future wind power project.

If you are planning for your onshore or offshore construction, operations and maintenance, check out our MetOcean forecast for efficient and safe execution of renewable energy projects.

» Watch the record of the Metocean webinar, in which Petar and Mares are discussing different weather forecast and hindcast tools for planning offshore energy projects. In the webinar you can learn about different risks and challenges in the offshore environment, about reducing risk with informed decisions, or about real-life applications of the MetOcean platform.

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