MetOcean Forecast

Metocean forecasts

MetOcean Forecast

Weather conditions affect all aspects of renewable energy projects, both onshore and offshore. Regardless of the project stage — from exploration and construction to production and maintenance —  ConWX provides a robust, global, and localised onshore and offshore forecasting service to maximise your operation’s productivity while ensuring your crew’s safety.

Our cloud-based MetOcean forecast platform uses numerical models offering access to high-resolution, regularly updated, and reliable data. These parameters are presented as maps, tables, and graphs over 7-day horizon. Automated updates are provided 4 times a day. Furthermore, we can integrate site observation to facilitate data calibration, which, as a result, offers more optimised and highly accurate forecasting data for your specific location. 

Product highlights:

  • Web portal with the latest data
  • Forecasts 168 hours in advance for weather, waves, and currents
  • Numerical weather and wave predictions in a graphic presentation
  • Weather window forecasts with colour code indicators
  • Data granularity set at 1 hour
  • High-level traffic light enabled window planner of your effective work hours
  • Automatic forecast mailing system with PDF and/or CSV files with unlimited updates
  • Metocean email warnings
  • Routing forecasting service module (including 6 positions enroute and harbours)
  • Integration of online site observations
  • Warnings of  lightning
  • Weather/wave maps

If you are planning for your onshore or offshore construction, operations and maintenance, check out our MetOcean tools for renewable energy projects.

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