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Hindcast data is the key to the success of your next renewable energy project. ConWX’s extensive hindcast datasets of MetOcean parameters provide valuable information for project scoping, planning, and execution. This includes assessing the overall workability on-site to determine whether the weather conditions pose a risk for the construction campaign, for deciding the possible time to start the project, as well as number of days with optimal weather conditions for the project (weather window). 

Our cloud-based hindcasting system uses numerical models that run over 20-year time spans and promise to provide the most accurate, updated, and localised long-term data of weather conditions on land and at sea — such as wind speed, wave height, and precipitation rate. 

Our advanced, powerful, and high-resolution MetOcean Hindcast data is trusted by countless wind power projects all over the world. It can be carried out anywhere on earth, regardless of the location.

Historical metocean data highlights

  • Historical weather data (hindcast) for more than 20 years
  • Statistics for any location in the world
  • Time resolution: 1 hour
  • Hindcast model: ConWx IRIE, WRF_NMM, WW3.14 and GETM (current)
  • Data resolution: 1-10 kilometres

product parameters

  • Wind speed and gust: 10, 80, and 100 metres
  • Wind direction: 10, 80, 100 meters
  • Significant wave height (Hs)
  • Wave direction and period
  • Temperature in 2 and 80 meters
  • Precipitation rate & Visibility
  • Sea level (tidal) & Sea temperature
  • Current speed and direction surface
  • Ice coverage & Icing on helicopter blades
  • Dew point temperature
  • Lightning

If you are planning for your onshore or offshore construction, operations and maintenance, check out our MetOcean tools for efficient and safe execution of renewable energy projects.

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