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Icing Forecasts and Power Production

Icing on Wind Blades

Icing Forecasts

There is no doubt that icing presents a big problem for the wind energy industry, especially for wind turbines in parks situated in colder climates. According to studies, roughly 20% of annual energy production is lost due to icing. 

To prevent unpredicted icing situations leading to higher balancing costs and imbalance prices, ConWX offers a cloud-based Icing Forecasting solution to park owners, portfolio managers and energy traders. 

ConWX Icing Forecasts can provide:

  • A time series of icing events and its associated probability displayed in binary format,  in 10-minutes resolution, with ‘1’ representing ice in the plant, and ‘0’ representing no ice.

  • A time series of power losses in percentage, for a given timestamp, due to icing events occurring in the plant. 

  • A time series of improved power forecast including the probability of icing event, considering the power losses due to icing.

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