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Long Term Weather Forecast Analysis

Long-term weather forecast analysis

Long-Term Forecast Analysis

ConWX provides medium and long-term weather analysis for any site, region, country, or energy market for up to three months at a time. Our analysis shows different trends — such as wind, temperature, or precipitation. This gives you and your team a well-defined overview of relevant parameters which have direct influence on the energy pricing and trading decisions.

Product highlights:

  • Weekly reports with deep insight into relevant parameters influencing the energy market
  • Weather maps
  • Short, mid- and long term energy outlook
  • Forecasts on wind power production and hydro power production, including changes in temperature
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Brief overview of the energy market(s) of interest
  • Email warnings

Click on the link below, to find an example of ConWx Long-term Energy Outlook:

ConWx_Long Term Energy Forecast report_DE 

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