Wind and Solar Power Production Forecasts

For park owners, producers, portfolio managers, grid operators, TSOs and trading companies, accurate power production forecasts are essential. This is what gives you the competitive edge and BI information that makes the job easier.

ConWx power production forecasts are made with the granularity and scale that meets your specific business needs.

With direct responsibility of 110 GW Wind and 6 GW Solar Power, we have proven to be best in class.

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Long-term Weather Forecast Analysis

ConWx provides medium and long-term weather analysis for any site, region, country or energy market for up to three months at a time. Our analysis show trends in wind, temperature, precipitation and much more, giving you an overview as well as deep insight of relevant parameters influencing energy pricing and trading decisions.

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Numerical Weather Prediction Data

Best-in-class Numerical Weather Prediction Models provide you with data in all resolutions and for all weather parameters. ConWx weather model data ensures you have the essential information for making precise wind power forecasting. Wind speeds can be extracted for any height, assuring maximum accuracy, and model parameters like freezing rain can predict sudden drops in production. Data can be delivered for single points, as well as grids, covering the entire globe.

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Energy Briefings

Our energy briefings will optimise your trading decisions and the accuracy of your text forecasts, which means greater revenue. Our experienced energy meteorologists will provide you with updates on market-changing weather news and weather outlooks for up to three months at a time.

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