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Long-term weather forecast analysis

Long-term Weather Forecast Analysis

Long-term Weather Forecast Analysis

ConWx provides medium and long-term weather analysis for any site, region, country or energy market for up to three months at a time. Our analysis show trends in wind, temperature, precipitation and much more, giving you an overview as well as deep insight of relevant parameters influencing energy pricing and trading decisions.

Product highlights:

  • Weekly reports with deep insight of relevant parameters influencing the energy market
  • Weather maps
  • Short, mid- and long term energy outlook
  • Forecasts on wind power production, hydro power production and changes in temperature
  • Uncertainty analyses
  • Brief overview of the energy market(s) of interest

Click on the link below, to find an example of ConWx Long-term Energy Outlook

ConWx_Long Term Energy Forecast report_DE


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