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Try our forecasts before you buy

Adding or changing your forecasting service provider is not always a quick decision. Which is why, at ConWX, we offer you the possibility to try our services before you buy them.

With our forecasts you get...

Multiple Numerical Weather Prediction models, incl. ConWX’ own in-house meso-scale models

Wind and solar power production forecasts customized and fine-tuned to your specific assets and portfolios

A super flexible and fast reacting customer service team

Unlimited number of users

Forecasts by email, sftp, API and ConWX’ own online portal

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Before signing up, please make sure you read and agree to our terms of service below.

    Terms of service

    Before you sign up to our trial, please read and agree to our terms of service:

    • We can contact you to obtain further details such as e.g.:
      • Geographical locations of your wind/solar assets
      • Installed capacities
      • Availability of any historical data
    • Your trial will be time-limited and will typically last 2-3 months
    • You will help us improve by providing at least monthly evaluations
    • You are looking for a better-quality supplier and you are ready to change supplier if quality matches your needs
    Terms of trial | ConWX

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