Icing forecast

Icing Forecasts

Icing Forecasts

Every winter, icing conditions pose a serious challenge to even the most modern wind turbines, both onshore and offshore. Depending on the frequency, duration, severity, and intensity of icing, icing can cause degradation of a turbine’s performance and production downtime, as well as cause potential danger to Service and Maintenance personnel. 

To help you better prepare for the next deicing service, wind blade maintenance activities as well as ensure safety for your technicians, ConWX provides icing forecast data of up to 10 days in advance. 

Our high-resolution icing forecast data is calculated using both global NWP and ConWX in-house models, ensuring customers get the most precise and updated data. To simplify the information, our dashboard will show “No warning”, “Warning”, and “Red Alert”, helping your operation team to plan their activities with ease.  

Our NWP models cover the whole globe, including all colder climate locations, where wind energy is present.

Is icing challenging your energy trading activities? Then go and check ConWX Icing Forecasts in connection with Power Production Forecasts.

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