Onshore Weather Forecasts

Onshore Weather Forecasts For Wind Farm Operation

ConWX’s onshore weather forecasts offer you and your business advanced weather forecasting data. This is essential for the different stages of your onshore renewable energy projects — from construction to operation or maintenance.

Our cloud-based weather forecast platform uses numerical in-house models, offering access to high-resolution, daily updated, and highly accurate and reliable data to any onshore projects in any location in the world. The solution guarantees to minimize downtime and assist in activity planning while improving working security and safety.

Working offshore? Then read more about our MetOcean forecasts.


  • Weather forecasts 168 hours in advance
  • Web presentation with the latest data
  • Data granularity set at 3 hours
  • All weather parameters
  • 24/7 access to duty forecasters via email and telephone
  • Weather window forecasts with colour code indicators
  • Email alert system
  • PDF or CSV weather reports via Email
  • Weather maps
  • 24/7 Daily updates 
  • Warnings of lightning

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