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Simulate Risks of your next PPA and understand how climate changes affect renewables

How can you best prepare for your next Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)? Is it possible to simulate risks and consider different scenarios? How are climate changes affecting wind and solar energy sources?

Watch the discussion on the possibility of using long-time data series and big data in order to plan and optimize your current wind & solar assets and future portfolios. We will look at hindcast data and its accuracy for planning of hedging purposes, M&A as well as design of future and current wind & solar portfolios.

Portfolio Analyzer

Watch the video and see hot to get unique insights to what production output to expect from a new wind park (or an existing park that you are adding to your portfolio). 

Christmas weather and the risk of negative energy prices in Germany and Scandinavia

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Wind power production has a big influence on energy prices and especially during Christmas, we have seen significant events of negative pricing. Join Energy meteorologist Peter Holst in this webinar, where we will look at how Christmas energy prices have evolved in Germany and get the latest update on the weather development for Christmas 2020.