Here you can learn more about our services, and dive into our forecast systems.

Portfolio Analyzer

Get a quick overview of Portfolio Analyzer – PPA analysis tool. Learn about the main benefits, usages, and data you can get.

Portfolio Analyzer demo

In this video, you can learn how to get unique insights into what production output you can expect from a new wind/PV park that you are adding to your portfolio.

MetOcean Platform

In this video, we explain how the MetOcean platform works. In the forecast model, we show how to change the view set, how to set the range of weather threshold parameters, and how to work with weather forecast data.

Hindcast Analysis tool

In the video, we show you how to perform the hindcast analysis step by step. We will help you fill in the needed sections, and afterwards, we will demonstrate what type of data you get.

Uncertainty Flagging

Get a quick intro about our latest development in power forecasts – Uncertainty Flagging. This feature alerts our clients when there is a high risk of deviations in the primary model and indicates possible up or down-regulation of the power forecasts. 


Enjoy the records of our past webinars.

Join Petar M. & Mares in a discussion about different weather forecasts and hindcast tools for planning offshore energy projects.

You can learn more about risks and challenges in the offshore environment, reducing risk with informed decisions, how to use ConWX MetOcean data, and real-life applications of the MetOcean platform.

In this webinar we are discussing the key elements needed to produce the most accurate valuations for new investment opportunities: namely, weather data modelling, PPA Pricing intelligence, and cannibalization impact.

Join Jesper & Petar H. in a discussion about challenges in power forecasting in UK waters, metOcean challenges in UK waters and simulating O&M scenarios.

Watch the discussion on the possibility of using long-time data series and big data in order to plan and optimize your current wind & solar assets and future portfolios.

In the webinar we will also look at hindcast data and its accuracy for planning of hedging purposes, M&A as well as design of future and current wind & solar portfolios.

Join Joaquin and Dani in this webinar, where they are discussing the best practices related to solar and wind power production forecasting.

Note: This webinar is being held in Spanish.

Join Peter H. and Ewelina in this webinar, where they look into how Christmas energy prices evolved in Germany.

In this webinar you get the latest update on the weather development for Christmas 2020.

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