Smooth sailing to your next Offshore project

Risks and challenges in the offshore environment.
Reducing risk with informed decisions.
How to use MetOcean data for scoping your next offshore project?
Real-life applications of the MetOcean platform.

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Offshore wind park

Challenges & optimization possibilities for UK Offshore Wind power forecasting and O&M planning

Join Jesper & Petar H. in a discussion about challenges in power forecasting in UK waters, metOcean challenges in UK waters and simulating O&M scenarios.

MetOcean platform demo video

In this video, we explain how the MetOcean Platform works. In the forecast model, we show how to change the view set, how to set the range of weather threshold parameters, and how to work with weather forecast data.

Hindcast analysis tool demo video

Hindcast Analysis Tool – Demo video

In the video, we show you how to perform the hindcast analysis step by step. We will help you fill in the needed sections, and afterwards, we will demonstrate what type of data you get.

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