Icing Forecast

Stay informed about future icing events to avoid higher balancing costs and imbalanced prices with ConWX’s cloud-based Icing Forecasting solution, designed for energy players operating or trading wind energy in cold climates.

Prediction of Icing Events & Probability

Forecast of icing events up to 48 hours ahead, characterized as 0/1, where 0 represents no icing event during that timestamp, and 1 indicates an icing event is forecasted for that given timestamp. Predictions of icing events are provided with an associated probability for each icing event, represented as a percentage.

ConWX Icing forecasts are delivered at the park level with a time resolution ranging from 10 minutes to 1 hour.

Graph of icing binary forecast

Prediction of Power Losses

Forecast of power losses up to 48 hours ahead, expected due to icing events occurring at the plant. The forecast is provided as an absolute value in kW for a given timestamp.

Predictions of power losses are provided at the park level with a time resolution ranging from 10 minutes to 1 hour.

Graph of icing power loss forecast


We can adjust the format, delivery frequency, time resolution, and units of the forecasts based on the client’s request.


What are the benefits of having Icing forecast?

With our Icing forecast, you will know when an icing event may occur, its probability, and the potential consequences in terms of power losses.

Knowing in advance when icing events occur and the possibility to calculate consequences in terms of power losses.

Prolonging the wind turbine blades’ lifetime by turning them off at the right time.

Preventing noise emissions and ice throw. 


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Mockup of ConWX icing forecasts


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