metocean services

MetOcean Services

Customised MetOcean Services

We offer MetOcean services for decision-makers in both onshore and offshore renewable energy sector, regardless of the stage of your project – construction, operation and maintenance.

Weather conditions affect all aspects of renewable energy projects, both onshore and offshore. Regardless of the project stage — from exploration and construction to production and maintenance —  ConWX provides a robust, global, and localised onshore and offshore forecasting service to maximise your operation’s productivity while ensuring your crew’s safety.

Historical weather data is the key to the success of your next renewable energy project. ConWX’s extensive hindcast datasets of MetOcean parameters provide valuable information to optimise the Operation & Maintenance (O&M) phase for both onshore and offshore energy projects.

High-quality and reliable metocean data is fundamental to the success of any renewable energy project. Whether you need to calculate the average wind turbine availability or assess and analyse wind energy potential, ConWX Hindcast Analysis tool is the ideal choice.

Discover the best tailor-made solutions for your onshore and offshore renewable energy projects.