MetOcean Services

ConWX offers MetOcean services for decision-makers in both onshore and offshore renewable energy sectors, regardless of a project’s stage – construction, operation, or maintenance.

MetOcean Platform

Weather conditions affect all aspects of renewable energy projects, both onshore and offshore. Regardless of the project stage — from exploration and construction to production and maintenance —  ConWX provides a robust, global, and localized onshore and offshore forecasting service to maximize your operation’s productivity while ensuring your crew’s safety.

MetOcean services

metocean platform

What can you expect

Our cloud-based MetOcean forecasts use numerical models offering access to high-resolution, regularly updated, and reliable data. On the MetOcean platform, these parameters are presented as maps, tables, and graphs over a 10-day horizon, with automated updates provided four times a day. Furthermore, we can integrate site observations to facilitate data calibration, resulting in more optimized and highly accurate forecasting data for your specific location.

MetOcean platform

Web portal with numerical weather and wave predictions in graphic presentations including weather window forecasts with color-coded indicators, as well as weather and wave maps.

Time parameters

Weather, waves, and currents forecasts for up to 10 days in advance.

Data granularity

Data granularity set at 1 hour.

Online site observations

Integration of online site observations.

Window planner

High-level traffic light-enabled window planner for your effective work hours.


Receive email warnings whenever a specific parameter reaches a given number, such as lightning alerts.

Mailing system

Automatic forecast mailing system with PDF and/or CSV files with unlimited updates.

Routing forecasts

Route forecasting service module (including 6 positions en route and harbours).

MetOcean Platform Demo

In this video, we demonstrate how the MetOcean forecast platform operates. We will guide you through changing the view set, setting the range of weather threshold parameters, and working with weather forecast data in the forecast model.

Introduction of MetOcean platform.
Downloading of weather forecasts.
Managing of forecast alerts.
Managing of email reports.

MetOcean Hindcast Data

Hindcast data is the key to the success of your next renewable energy project. ConWX’s extensive hindcast datasets of MetOcean parameters provide valuable information for project scoping, planning, and execution. This includes assessing the overall workability on-site to determine whether the weather conditions pose a risk for the construction campaign, deciding the possible time to start the project, as well as number of days with optimal weather conditions for the project (weather window).

Mockup of ConWX Hindcast analysis tool

hindcast data

What can you expect

With access to over 23 years of MetOcean data, our cloud-based hindcasting system offers the most accurate, in-depth, and localized climatic basis for your future offshore projects. ConWX Hindcast data is available as raw data through API or via the online Hindcast Analysis Tool.

23 years data

High-resolution MetOcean hindcast data are available in hourly resolution from the year 2000 to the present.


Hindcast data in 1-hour time resolution and 1-10 kilometres data resolution.


Statistics for any location in the world.


Wind speed, gust, and direction; Wave direction and period; Temperature; Precipitation rate; Visibility, Sea level, and temperature; Current speed and direction surface; Dew point temperature, etc.

Hindcast Analysis Tool

Hindcast statistics can be calculated based on specific weather and wave limits, day lengths, working days, and working hours for any location in the world. The output of the analysis is presented in a table that shows site availability as a percentage, including percentiles. All hindcast analyses can be downloaded as CSV files.

Hindcast Analysis Tool Demo

High-quality and reliable hindcast data are fundamental to the success of any renewable energy project. Whether you need to calculate the average wind turbine availability or assess and analyze wind energy potential, the ConWX Hindcast Analysis tool is the ideal choice. 

In this video, we will show you how to perform the hindcast analysis step by step.

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