weather services

Weather Services

Extensive Weather Services

Provide Weather forecasts and data for decision-makers in the onshore renewable energy sector, typically during construction and O&M activities. Help minimise downtime, plan inspections, and secure the safety of personnel and assets. 

wind farm operation services
ConWX’s onshore weather forecasts offer you and your business advanced weather forecasting data. This is essential for the different stages of your onshore renewable energy projects — from construction to operation or maintenance.
site assesment for wind farms

Site assessment is essential for identifying the ideal location for your future wind energy project. At ConWX, we provide hindcast weather data dating back 21 years.
demand forecast in retail

Based on weather data and historical sales, our product demand forecasts can establish relevant trends and repeating patterns — as a result, transforming weather info to customer insights.

Icing Forecasts

To help you better prepare for the next deicing service, wind blade maintenance activities as well as ensure safety for your technicians, ConWX provides icing forecast data of up to 10 days in advance.

Icing on Wind Blades

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