Portfolio Analyzer

Portfolio Analyzer

Estimated power production output is an important factor prior to any energy project. With the Portfolio Analyzer, developed by ConWX, it is possible to simulate hourly output of wind and solar assets across the Europe and Asia. This helps you to quickly assess the project value while testing market stress scenarios and preparing a competitive analysis. 

Our cloud-based system uses high-resolution weather data and empirical power curves for a wide range of product units that run over 20-year time spans. 

ConWX Portfolio Analyzer can carry out calculations of individual assets as well as entire portfolios.

New Assets & Production Simulation

Assess how new assets influence your current portfolio and play around with different scenarios, incl. elements, such as: technology (wind/PV), equipment manufacturer, wind turbine, installed capacity and finally location. 

Evaluate long-term power production trend of your individual asset or the entire portfolio.

Identify the impacts the new asset might have on your production variability, using either hourly or yearly timescales.


Simulate any wind or solar park and explore how diversifying your assets would contribute to your investment portfolio.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

ConWX has worked with Pexapark, a provider of software and advisory services for post-subsidy renewable energy sales, to offer you and your team:

» Quantify the value of new wind and solar asset investment opportunities.

» Identify the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) prices a project can achieve based on location and technology type, allowing fairer pricing for the sale of assets.

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