power forecast services

Power Forecast Services

Accurate Power Forecasts

Provide power forecasts for park owners, producers, portfolio managers, grid operators, TSOs, and trading companies. Help keep a competitive edge, triggering trades while significantly decreasing financial risks.

hand from wind and solar energy traders

Accurate power production forecasts are undoubtedly essential for renewable energy park owners, portfolio managers, grid operators, TSOs, and energy trading companies.

explaining weather forecast models

ConWX provides medium and long-term weather analysis for any site, region, country, or energy market for up to three months at a time. Our analysis shows different trends — such as wind, temperature, or precipitation.

weather data

Our best-in-class Numerical Weather Prediction models provide you with data in all resolutions and for all weather parameters. ConWX’s weather model data ensures you the essential information for making precise wind and solar power forecasting.

energy reports

Our energy briefings will optimise your trading decisions and the accuracy of your text forecasts, which means greater revenue. Our experienced energy meteorologists will provide you with updates on market-changing weather news and weather outlooks for up to three months at a time.

Icing on Wind Blades

Icing Forecasts

To prevent unpredicted icing situations leading to higher im-balancing costs, ConWX offers a cloud-based Icing Forecasting solution to park owners, portfolio managers and energy traders. 

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