Power Forecast Services

ConWX provides power production forecasts to help renewable energy players keep a competitive edge, triggering trades while significantly reducing financial risks.

Wind & PV Power Production Forecasts

Accurate power production forecasts are undoubtedly essential for renewable energy players such as renewable energy park owners, portfolio managers, grid operators, TSOs, or energy trading companies.

At ConWX, we offer customized power production forecasting services that give you a competitive edge when operating the grid or managing your renewable energy portfolio.

Our wind and PV power production forecasts will help you optimize your balancing and energy trading activities by significantly decreasing financial risks.

Mockup of ConWX Power production forecasts

What will you get?

ConWX power forecasts are made with the granularity and scale that meet your specific business needs. By optimally combining multiple weather models, using in-house models, SCADA data, and machine learning techniques, we predict power output from 5 minutes to 10 days in advance at a high time resolution. To provide forecasts with the highest accuracy, we instantly fine-tune them with online production data and, if needed, recalibration.

Forecast quality

Ensemble forecasts using input from at least 4 weather models, calibrated with online measurements.

Time parameters

Forecasts up to 10 days ahead, with resolutions ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour.


We can deliver forecasts at the single unit, park, portfolio, or region level.


Availability, Curtailment Forecasts, Down-regulation, Live Data


Delivery in any data format you require, most commonly via API, FTP, or SFTP.


Ongoing portfolio updates throughout the day. You can expect between 8 and 24 daily updates.


We deliver our forecasts with percentiles.

System uptime

We have the best system uptime in the industry, with a minimum of 99.7%.

Other services

We help our clients avoid exposure during highly expensive hours by identifying and highlighting the specific periods with a high risk of volatility and the alternative direction of production.

Mockup of ConWX Uncertainty flagging tool

Get alerts about potential icing events to avoid high balancing costs and imbalanced prices. ConWX Icing forecasts will help you predict future icing events and power loss due to icing.

Icing forecasts and probability

ConWX offers medium and long-term weather analysis for any site, region, country, or energy market for up to three months at a time. Our analysis shows different trends — such as wind, temperature, or precipitation.

Weather report

Our best-in-class Numerical Weather Prediction models provide you with data in all resolutions and for all weather parameters. ConWX’s weather model data ensures you have the essential information for making precise wind and solar power forecasts.

Numerical weather prediction model
Wind and solar renewable park


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