Meet our management

I am one of the two original founders of ConWX and have made the journey from the start-up times, back in 2008, till now, where we now focus on the scale-up for ConWX. I will continue to do this development with our clients in the energy sector to make integration of renewables in the best possible way.

General Manager

I joined ConWX in January 2021. Before that, I have been working for more than 13 years with energy analytics, particularly energy forecasting applications in start-up companies but also large electric utilities.

My role at ConWX is to drive the continuous improvement of our weather and forecasting services in order to efficiently support our customers, ensuring the timely delivery of data and a high availability of our Cloud infrastructure. Towards this end, I am fortunate to be surrounded by a great team of skilled IT engineers and Data scientists.

Head of Engineering & Operations

I am an engineer with a passion for data and energy analytics. Having worked with ConWX since 2018, I am now leading the R&D team with a mission to further advance our forecasting capabilities and continuously build better data-driven products.

My vision is to unleash the possibilities of data in the energy sector and contribute to a greener future.

Head of Research & Development


Our team has extensive experience in major offshore wind power projects, that means we have market-leading expertise in offshore and onshore modelling and forecasting.

It is also experienced in energy-related forecasting – from wind power generation modelling to trading consultancy.


The ConWX’s technical team includes specialists in software engineering and numerical weather model engineering, and meteorologists specializing in energy and MetOcean forecasts.


We value teamwork and close collaboration between our programmers, engineers, meteorologists and analysts.

This cooperation ensures that customers receive forecasts and services of the highest integrity.