Meet our team

We are a diverse team of software engineers, programmers, data analysts, meteorologists, and sales & marketing representatives all driven by a shared goal – taking renewable energy to the next level.

Beyond our skills and different backgrounds, we are also a mix of many cultures. At this moment, our team members speak more than 7 native languages.


We have 15 years of experience in the energy market with a main focus on power forecasting – from wind power generation modelling to trading consultancy.

Besides that, our team has extensive experience in major offshore wind power projects, giving us market-leading expertise in offshore/onshore modelling and forecasting.


We have a strong and skilled technical team including specialists in software engineering and numerical weather model engineering, alongside meteorologists specializing in energy and MetOcean forecasts.

We are a dynamic team who enjoy learning, constantly exploring, and putting innovative approaches to the test.


We value teamwork and close collaboration within the teams and across the entire company.

Moreover, we work closely with our clients, and innovation and improvements are often done in collaboration with them.

Jesper Thiesen

General Manager

“I am one of the two original founders of ConWX and have made the journey from the start-up times, back in 2008, till now, where we now focus on the scale-up for ConWX. I will continue to do this development with our clients in the energy sector to make integration of renewables in the best possible way.”

Vladimir Nikolic

Head of Technical Department

Christian Østergaard

Chief Operating Officer


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