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UK Offshore Wind – Webinar

Challenges & optimization possibilities for UK Offshore Wind power forecasting and O&M planning

Join CEO,  Jesper Thiesen and Peter Holst, in this webinar, where we will look at forecasting challenges for the UK Offshore Wind sector. The webinar will investigate both generic and UK specific challenges connected with power and metocean predictions.

At the end of the webinar, you can look forward to the new insights into - What will the future bring in order to optimize trading and O&M in connection with offshore wind projects?

Note: The webinar is mainly relevant for offshore wind power operators and traders.


0:00 Introduction

2:12 ConWX as a global forecasting partner

3:45 Agenda of the webinar

6:30 Helicopter perspective on MetOcean pattern/UK MetOcean Challenges

12:20 Simulations of Offshore projects using long term data series

19:50 Functionality and algorithms behind

27:30 Summary & questions part 1

32:20 How is the wind power forecasting being calculated?

41:05 Where are the main challenges within power forecasting?

52:10 What will the future be like with increased offshore wind?

56:25 Summary & questions  part 2

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