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Learn how to get unique insights into what production output to expect from a new wind park (or an existing park that you are adding to your portfolio).

Portfolio Analyzer – Demo

With the Portfolio Analyzer, it is possible to simulate hourly production from wind and solar power assets. Covering the period from the year 2000 to the present – based on high-resolution weather data and empirical power curves for a wide selection of production units.  

Calculations can be carried out on individual assets, as well as on portfolios. Production is given as hourly and average load factors. 

Setup of a new asset

First, you need to choose an asset type (wind, in different hub heights or solar radiation) and a location on the resource map. After that, you need to add some more details such as the name of the park, installed capacity, turbine type etc.

You can set up as many assets as needed.


If you wish to calculate the production for your new portfolio, click the “calculate load” button beneath the table. A pop-up appears, where you give the task a name. At this stage, you can also choose to include weather data, if this is needed for further analysis.

When the task is complete, an OK status appears, and four buttons become visible. If you click the first button, you can download the asset list used for the calculations. The second button enables us to download the weather data, and the third button – the load data. When clicking the last button, all data related to the task can be downloaded. 

You have also the possibility of clicking on the taskbar. By doing so, a graph appears showing you the annual load factors for your new portfolio. Beneath the graph you have the option of adding percentiles, to give a better overview of how the yearly production figures are distributed. 

Storing and Uploading asset lists

If you need to revisit an older task, you have the option of uploading the previously stored asset list through the upload function below the asset list.  

If you want to re-calculate a task with a modified portfolio. You have the option of making the changes in the Excel sheet before uploading. This is particularly useful if many repetitive changes have to be made in the portfolio, or if portfolios have to be merged. 

Mockup of ConWX Portfolio Analyzer


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