ConWX O&M System

Winter is here and the season of high wind production. Is your wind park at peak conditions and ready for it? Want to know the best time for service and maintenance to benefit from high wind production? The solution is a solid O&M system!

This is especially needed for today’s large wind farms where production rates can differ up to 100% within a park. These production differences are mainly caused by shadow and wake effects.

Shadow effects are highest in wind speeds between 6 and 12 m/s with significant production differences on the front and end rows in the farm. ConWX offers a full O&M system that forecasts production for the individual turbine and/or sectors in the park.

In that way, you will know which turbines are most suited for maintenance and avoid those with the highest production on that specific day.  Any wake or lee effect due to wind direction and atmospheric stability-related changes are recognised and forecasted. Like seasonal changes such as sea breezes are adapted into the systems’ knowledge and algorithms.

With the ConWX O&M system you get:

Production forecasts on turbine and sector level.
Forecasts on wake and shadow effect.
Up to 8 daily updates.
Forecasts 156 hours in advance.
99.7% system uptime.
Web site presentation.
24/7 customised service.

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