New way of planning sequenced offshore operations

ConWX are proud to announce that we have developed a brand new logistics tool to use in connection with the development and maintenance of offshore wind parks. We have named the new system “ConWX Metocean Logistics Tool” as it enables you to plan single or sequenced offshore operations.

Logistics Analysis
Logistics Analysis

The actual system is an advanced simulation tool that uses high-resolution mesoscale hindcast data from weather, wave, and current models to calculate the expected waiting on weather (WoW) for an offshore operation or a combined series of operations. The module includes data for a long list of parameters, making it easy and cost-effective for you to use.

With this new planning tool, the user is able to define weather parameters and threshold values, relevant for craning, jack-up, and mobilisation etc. in one and the same system. Once these data are provided, the system calculates operation duration and the expected WoW on a monthly basis with percentile likelihoods.

Within minutes, the system then generates a PDF report and a graphical presentation that is send on e-mail, making it easy for you to adjust or re-calculate operational scenarios. The offshore operations are simulated using a 15-year metocean time series in hourly resolution, which provides a solid base for statistics generation.

You as an offshore planner is thereby provided with a highly accurate picture of the expected duration of offshore projects as well as the associated waiting on weather risks, helping you save time and operational costs.

ConWX Metocean Logistics tool is available as a module in the Online Forecast and Hindcast System.

Please contact us for a live demonstration of the new logistics system.

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