ConWX Partners with Pexapark to Boost Valuation Accuracy in Renewable Energy Investment

Copenhagen, Denmark (November 11, 2021) – ConWX, a provider of mission-critical power forecasting services, has now partnered with Pexapark. That is a provider of software and advisory services for post-subsidy renewable energy sales.

Amid the economic crisis caused by the novel coronavirus, renewable sources (mainly wind and solar) have seen their share in electricity increase substantially at record levels in many countries. This has indeed accelerated energy transition, deployments, as well as investments across the industry. In fact, a new study has uncovered more than 13,000 “shovel-ready” global renewable energy projects. 

ConWX and Pexapark

Cooperation between ConWX and Pexapark

Pexapark price reference platform

To keep up with the developments and trends in the industry. ConWX has teamed up with Pexapark to make ConWX Portfolio Analyzer asset data available through Pexapark price reference platform. By combining these two powerful tools, our users can now not only estimate the potential power production output of their new assets. But they can also identify the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) prices that these projects can achieve. This, as a result, allows fairer pricing for the sale of assets. The partnership also introduces the possibility to further optimise PPA structures based on local weather conditions.

“While supply and demand dynamics mean there is no shortage of capital to be invested into high-quality renewable energy projects and pipelines, there will inevitably be a market response to recent months of unprecedented volatility when it comes to asset valuations,” said Dr. Werner Trabesinger, Head of Quantitative Products, Pexapark.

“To secure fair prices for PPAs, or a fair valuation at the sale, asset developers and owners need certainty that they have fully accounted for the variables that impact long-term performance and profitability – namely the available resource and the market price. We’ve joined forces with ConWX, the leading provider of meteo and wind & PV power production data, to make PexaQuote the market’s most accurate tool for evaluating new assets and optimizing potential revenue.”

Pexapark price reference platform

Ewelina Reszke Hansen, Head of Sales and Business Development, ConWX, added: “Location-specific power output and pricing data are both prerequisites for successful project development and operation in today’s market. As recent events show, resource availability and price dynamics are inextricably linked and cannot be looked at in isolation. Those who can most effectively integrate their essential data will be best placed to mitigate risks and secure accurate valuations for their projects.”

To explain in detail how this partnership would benefit our users. We are hosting a joint webinar “How to accurately value and optimize new renewable asset opportunities in open energy markets”.

You can watch the record of this webinar here.

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