Long Term Renewables Forecast Analysis

How can you spot energy market trends and movements? Do you have the necessary expertise available in-house?

Be ahead of your competition with professional long-term renewables forecast analysis!

ConWX is all about real measured data. Statistics do not lie but wrong data analysis can have dramatic consequences on energy prices and your trading decisions.

Let ConWX’ highly experienced specialists digest long-term forecast data for you so that you can spend more time on your core activities.

With ConWX Long Term Renewables Forecasts, we believe that we can help you:

Plan better
Work faster
Trade smarter

With ConWX Long Term Renewables Forecasts you get:

Weekly reports with deep insight of relevant parameters influencing the energy market.
Weather maps.
Short, mid- and long term energy outlook.
Forecasts on wind power production, hydro power production and changes in temperature.
Uncertainty analyses.
Brief overview of the energy market(s) of interest.

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