ConWX Arabian Gulf MetOcean Hindcast

At ConWX, we have recently carried out a new comprehensive metocean study of the Arabian Gulf, based on the hindcast of a continuous 30-year period (1986-2015) and 200+ storm events.

MetOcean study of the Arabian Gulf

The hindcast data are ConWX mesoscale-modelled data generated from historical global analysis field models. The models used are the IRIE weather model, Wavewatch III, version 3.14 wave model, and GETM current model. All models have been re-calculated 30 years back with a spatial resolution of 3-10km using boundary input from the global model ERA/ECMWF.

The Weather and Wave Models are based on complex physical equations of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics and use current weather conditions as first input to mathematical computer programs.

ConWX Arabian Gulf MetOcean Hindcast utilizes hindcast models of higher resolution and more powerful physics than the previous studies for the Gulf region (e.g. PERGOS). In contrast to existing climate data for the Arabian Gulf, ConWX hindcasts are of the most recent date and for a longer continuous period.

ConWX Arabian Gulf MetOcean Hindcast Deliverables include:

Extreme values for wind speed, wave height, water level, and ocean currents.
Hindcast data expressed with annual, monthly, and hourly frequency in tables.
Time series of weather, waves and ocean currents for +200 storm events for the 30-year period 1986-2015.

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