15th Anniversary of ConWX

This year marks a significant milestone for ConWX as we celebrate our 15th anniversary. Over the past one and a half decades, we have grown from a two-man business into a global provider of a wide variety of advanced weather and energy forecasting services. We have earned a reputation for highly reliable forecasts and outstanding services, achieved by using machine learning techniques and integrating our own in-house models.

Our story started in 2008 when Jesper Thiesen and Erik Østergaard Madsen left the meteorological company Vejr2 in Roskilde and officially formed ConWX. It didn’t take long before they moved to cloud technologies and developed the first products, MetOcean O&M and Hindcasts. In addition to the founders, ConWX had three more employees in the first office in Frederiksberg and a contract with two engineers working from Belgrade, Serbia.

In the following years, ConWX steadily grew, hired more employees, developed a wider portfolio of services and moved to a bigger office at Nørreport. As the company expanded, so did the client base, with the majority of companies from Denmark, neighbouring European countries, and Asia.

Thirteen years later, both founders decided to go their separate ways and sold the company. In 2021, ConWX was acquired by Volaris Group, with Jesper staying in a leading position as the new General Manager. This strategic partnership brought together ConWX’s innovative spirit with Volaris Group’s resources and global reach. Even though the company itself changed a bit, with new procedures and colleagues, the intention remained the same. ConWX continued on its journey of helping wind turbine manufacturers and energy companies and became the leading forecasting company in Europe.

Since December 2008, the company has gone through many changes, challenging times, and ups & downs. Looking back, there were countless hours of meetings about improving our services, days spent at energy events around the world, and travels between Copenhagen and Belgrade, but also amazing people who contributed in shaping ConWX into what it is today.

Today, we are proud to work together with some of the largest energy companies in Europe and have successfully entered the Asian market. As some of the milestones within our service offerings, we could point to the following two. Four years ago, we introduced Portfolio Analyzer, a PPA analysis tool developed in cooperation with Pexapark, helping numerous clients with estimating the new group of wind/solar parks’ influence on the existing portfolio. Our latest development is the ConWX icing forecasts, which for three winter seasons, have been helping our clients predict future icing events and power losses.

As we move forward, ConWX is all about keeping up the good work and doing even better. We will continuously strive to improve our forecasting services, with the main focus on wind and solar power production forecasts and expanding our presence in our core markets. We will keep attending the main energy events, to meet up with the other companies and stay in the loop about what’s happening in the energy world.

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