Participation at Winterwind

ConWX participated at the Winterwind last month. This international wind energy conference gathers the world’s wind energy professionals every year to discuss the challenges of generating wind power in cold climates. Winterwind offers a three-day program filled with seminars, debates and networking events for a wide spectrum of energy players such as scientists, engineers, manufacturers, developers, consultants, investors, wind farm owners, and O&M providers.

This years program was divided into blocks of sessions based on the phase of the project. The main topics were focused on Planning and operation in cold climates, Safety and Forecasting. Since we, at ConWX, help renewable energy players with a prediction of icing events and power loss, this event was a great place to share our new developments in the Icing forecast. On Wednesday morning, you could join our Data Scientist, Li Bai, in a session about the Prediction of icing moderated by Lars Thomsson. Li spoke about “Advanced Predictive Analysis of Icing Events and Power Loss for Wind Parks”.

Did you miss the session? No worry, you can download our presentation here. Are you interested in further information? Reach out to us.

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