Moving to the new office

We are excited to share a significant milestone in the ConWX journey. After several wonderful years at our Norreport office, we have relocated to the vibrant heart of Copenhagen—Regnbuepladsen. Along with the new address, we have also changed the view of Roundtower for the balcony view of the majestic City Town Hall. We have also embraced the shift to an open-space office environment, where we can easily interact and share our knowledge and findings.

This move isn’t just a change of scenery, it’s a step into a new era of collaboration. We now share our office space with Geomatic, a fellow Danish company that, like us, has become an integral part of the Volaris family in recent years.

Additionally, Geomatic is not only our office mate but also a beacon of innovation in data and analytics. As a Nordic data and analysis house, they specialize in data science and data management. Their expertise lies in working closely with clients to structure, analyze, and enrich data, empowering businesses to make informed, well-informed decisions.

We are genuinely looking forward to this new chapter and the interactions it will bring.

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